Dear dancers, dear dance students, dear friends of AusDancersOverseas,

a new week – and exciting things are about to happen.

You may have noticed already the new profile pic, and that’s because @ausdancersoverseas has been undergoing huge changes behind the scenes. The new website is almost accomplished, and with it, there’s so many new options that we’re excited to share:

  • bi-weekly newsletter
  • a new blog format with regular posts about all things dance life (injury prevention, self-care, general mental health in the dance world, audition notices etc.)
  • a section ’nutrition for dancers‘, this section is for subscription with weekly new material, including ’the growing athlete/dancer’ and ’the plant based athlete/dancer’
  • an online booking form to easily book in appointments with us
  • last but not least: ’The Magazine’ 2x/year

Thank you so much for your patience!

The team at AusDancersOverseas