The Plantbased Dancer Challenge is now on The Library Aesthetic

Many dancers today decide to eat a more plantbased – sometimes completely plantbased – diet for a variety of reasons; most frequently because they have heard or read that a more plantbased diet improves health. And that is true. However, does it improve performance as well? That’s what is rarely talked about in the public, and not all approaches that improve overall health also improve performance. So you can’t be healthy AND a dancer? You absolutely can! You just need to know how you can improve both health AND your dance performance.

This course (’challenge’) teaches you everything you need to know, from

  • macronutrients (think carbohydrates, dietary fats and the differences between plantbased and animal protein)
  • micronutrients, why they are essential and why eating more plantbased can make you miss pout on some (plus how to supplement these)
  • a clear structure how to plan meals and snacks for a day at dance
  • and a look at how body and mind are connected, why this matters, and how food can influence this connection (including your mood)
  • NEW CHAPTER: How to make a dancer’s diet more sustainable – focus on planetary health and climate change.

At the end of the course, you will get The Ultimate Guide to Planning Melas and Snacks for Dancers for free!