This section is ’subscription only‘ in order to provide you with the highest quality information from all aspects of healthcare for dancers, and its overlap with nutrition. Our core value is to provide information that is rational, based on critical thinking, is high-quality scientific evidence, and enables you to make informed choices, so you are no longer dependent on misinformation from the media and so-called influencers. That’s why you will soon find out that you are not subscribing to a course, but rather an educational hub with weekly uploads, covering everything from basic human physiology (e.g. the cardiovascular system to understand your actual hydration needs) to the most refined advancements in sports nutrition, with a special focus on auditions and competitions….and everything in between.

In a world’s first, this hub provides you with detailed knowledge about the child and adolescent dancer, the plant-based dancer, and also covers the role of nutrition in supporting your immune system, and what to eat when you’re injured. Last but not least, not all is theory, and our recipes will provide a thorough basis to get you started in the kitchen!

All the basics may be a bit hard to ’digest’ (pun intended!) during the first couple of weeks – but our clinical experience is that without it, nutrition related to dance will never really make sense for you.

The best news is: It comes at the price of a venti Starbuck’s coffee! €4.99 per month – absolutely unbeatable. This is a monthly membership, cancel any time and you will not be charged for another month.