Welcome to AusDancersOverseas!

Originally created to support Australian dancers and dance students when moving overseas, this platform has grown into an education + information hub, providing sound knowledge about all things health in dance – including mental health, nutrition for dancers – including the adolescent dancer and the plant-based dancer, whilst still adhering to its original purpose- to provide as much information as possible for dancers away from home. Thanks to all the input we receive constantly, we have been able to broaden the information available about schools and companies overseas, about typical challenges in healthcare when being injured, about life in a company versus life as a freelance dancer, auditions, administrative issues (e.g. reimbursement for auditions), and much more.

Taking care of yourself can seem complicated and overwhelming at times – especially with all the misinformation and pseudoscience available these days. While our social media accounts, Instagram in particular, are one way to communicate with you, and to write about these challenges, this website offers a deeper and more thorough insight, as well as covering many more topics. 

The first part of the re-launch of our website is here! 

Part 1 includes ’The Magazine’, a magazine exclusively from dancers for dancers – families and schools included – and will be published twice a year.  The first issue contains a long editorial with reflections on what’s been going on in 2019, in the dance world as well as at AusDancersOverseas.
Furthermore, there is now a bi-weekly newsletter, directly into your inbox, you can easily subscribe in the respective section, or at the bottom of the page. It will always cover a carefully selected number of topics relevant to dance, such as audition notices, workshop announcements, blog posts and other valuable articles, the newest dance medicine research, the myth-busting of misleading headlines in media and social media, and many more topics.

Nutrition and bespoke nutrition plans have become separate sections as the demand has been so high. Please click onto the respective section for further information. They will both be launched in January 2020, and are part of part 2, the final part, of the re-launch. 

We are happy to be able to share ’The Magazine’ with you just at the right time of the year – audition season is around the corner, and for some this will be a decisive moment on which career path to pursue. 

For feedback and ideas or contribution, please use the contact form. We always love to hear back from you. Thank you so much.