I just wanted to say a massive thank you for this challenge and also the beautiful workbook (I’m loving trying the ideas and recipes). It has all been so helpful and I have learned so much!
It’s easy to look back with hindsight, now knowing all this information, and wish I had ignored the comments and bad “advice” when I was in full time training but like you said in the workbook it’s never too late to get on top of nutrition and health so I am excited to keep going on this journey to being happier and healthier!
Thank you so much again for all of your help and support!’


Thank you for the fuel for performance course, I loved it! I liked that every aspect mentioned was proven scientifically and that there were a lot of studies and research shown to really separate fact from fiction. It really made me aware of how much disinformation is out in the media and how nutrition and how our body works is not “black or White”. I also loved the emphasis on diet myths, gut brain axis and oral health, as a lot of it was completely new for me. But I also liked the basis videos on macro- and micronutrients, because there are so many people in reality and on social media that say ” You should take this vitamin or this supplement” whereas maybe you really don’t need to and you can even do harm to your body.’


’I really appreciated the body issues and nutrition information and reassurances as so many dancers experience challenges in these areas, especially when in front of a mirror all day! I also greatly appreciated the information on admin jobs when moving overseas as I found this confusing and confronting. The tips on mental health and nutrition when broken into scientific graphs and images were also very eye-opening.

Student, LEAP overseas webinar series

I have learnt so many little tricks that would have saved me and learning about how to keep focused and safe in hard times was most important for me. It has allowed me to know that it is ok to ask for help overseas if I need it and how to keep myself going during the hard times that I may face.

Student, LEAP overseas webinar series

A great program to make the move overseas a little less daunting for both child and parent. Watched with my daughter – to raise her awareness of looking after herself once she moved away.

Parent, LEAP overseas webinar series

Working with Stefanie changed how I think about fueling myself as a dancer. She takes into account both the aesthetic needs for dance while being healthy and nutritionally rounded as an athlete. Not only that, while I know she is very busy, she makes me feel like her only client/friend. Cannot recommend highly enough if you want sensible, accurate nutrition advice!!

Madeleine Bell, Paris, via Facebook

The process of moving overseas as a dancer was made so much easier knowing that someone like Stefanie, with so much experience and knowledge was there to support me! Whether I needed a second opinion about an injury or sickness, support with the language barrier, or even just a general chat, I knew that someone was ALWAYS there!

Kelly, Basel

I have been involved as an educator in training classical ballet since 1974 when I opened the Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy and in 2007 was the founder of the National College of Dance. During 2012 I moved to Sydney to become the Artistic Director of Progressing Ballet Technique and in 2015 accepted the position to become the principal of the part time school of Tanya Pearson Academy in Sydney. During the many years I have sent scores of students to finishing schools in Europe and taking up positions in prominent ballet companies. The time overseas can be stressful for students especially in the first year. I highly recommend this wonderful initiative, a godsend for students and parents and I applaud this wonderful opportunity for all travelling abroad.

Marie Walton-Mahon, Sydney

I have to use this opportunity to thank an incredible friend and Dr. @ausdancersoverseas + @steph_ausdancersfood for guiding me through these high, incredible and intense ballet times. She has helped me reach my peak by fueling for gruelling rehearsal days and my performances. But also how to substitute during injury to best heal and repair. Stephanie has helped me so much over the last year. I definitely wouldn’t have performed at my best without the help and knowledge I have had from her! If you are a dancer interested in ‘turbo charging’ their work contact her! There is no 1 size fits all we are all individuals!

Jessica Fyfe, Stuttgart, via Instagram