Plantbased eating is pretty high on the priority list of many dancers – and every year I see how dancers soon start to struggle. Sometimes it’s that they don’t really know what to eat, but more often than not it’s that they’re suddenly missing out on nutrients (esp. vitamins, minerals and protein) and start to wonder why their new diet isn’t making them feel better really, or why they’re not seeing the results they thought would come with going plantbased.

In order to give you a head start and get it right from the beginning, to make informed choices and not be misguided by popular claims on social media, this challenge will support you to find what is right for you! You don’t need to plan to go vegan to join this challenge – we’ll discuss all options from being mainly plantbased but still including dairy, meat and fish every now and then, over to being pescetarian, vegetarian and last but not least vegan.


1. 8 videos (1-2 video per week) to help you understand everything that has to do with being plantbased as a performing athlete. The length of the videos varies between 30mins to 1hr 15mins).

2. Weekly emails to support you should small wobbles come up – lots of reminders how to plan your meals, how to shop, what to look out for, comparisons of plantbased vs animal products, and also answers to your questions. Some weeks, I’ll answer all your questions in another video because sometimes some additional, visual material is just good and helpful.

3. Unlimited access to the videos for another 4 weeks, so that you can really take your time and make small changes everyday.

4. Optional: An additional 1:1 session for a greatly discounted price.

5. Free ’How to plan meals and snacks’ workbook!

6. A selection of our most favorite plantbased recipes.


  • Getting adequate energy from plantbased food
  • Plantbased versus animal foods – what am I missing out on and why is it important?
  • Protein sources and why mix & match is important for performance
  • Optimizing absorption, iron status, iodine status, vitamin B12 and omega-3
  • Do I need supplements?
  • Learn to read labels and make informed choices
  • Planning plantbased meals
  • Eating out plantbased
  • .. and many more


Can’t wait to start this challenge with you 🙂 Register here for the challenge (€85), and here if you wish to add a 60mins 1:1 session to the challenge (€125 – the 1:1 session comes at 1/2 the price of a single 60mins 1:1).

Please note: Registrations are currently closed and will open up end of February for the 2nd round of the challenge (starting March 15th). To join the waitlist, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you when registrations open up again. Thank you!

Stephanie x