What is meant to be one of the happiest times of the year is often a huge challenge for dancers. And 2020 hasn’t made that any easier. Anxiety and worries around how to navigate the festive period and all the indulgences that come with it is very common in dancers, and many used to think ’I’m just going to train extra hard and burn it off in the studio and on stage’. While that isn’t a great coping mechanism in itself, this year has the additional challenge that many will not dance at all due to the ongoing pandemic and shows being cancelled worldwide. Now what?!

The dance world has its own belief systems, and we all know the myth that ’restriction is necessary to be(come) a dancer’ is one of those we’re still told a lot, while there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support that. Restriction messes mind and body up, gives you an unfavorable body composition – and spoils moments like Christmas.

And then there’s the family coming together, and you’re afraid your grandma, aunties, uncles or cousins will comment on your body or the food on your plate? We hear you! This is an all too common scenario and often adds to feeling even more uncomfortable, or not knowing how to respond and feeling awkward, not enjoying what is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Come and join us in this webinar to learn:

1) Why Christmas can be hard for dancers

2) The 3 common problems dancers face at Christmas

3) How to have happy holidays!


  • How can I stop myself from eating too much?
  • What if I overate? Do I need to restrict the next day?
  • How to have a balanced meal on your plate
  • Why carbs are your friend
  • How to react to comments on your body or the food on your plate
  • Strict food rules and moralizing foods
  • Body beliefs and negative body image
  • Why rest is your game changer to come back stronger
  • Strategies to survive and enjoy the festive season worry- and guilt-free


When?      Dec 13th, 9am CET/7pm AEDT

Your hosts:       Stephanie from AusDancersOverseas and Philippa from StageMinded (click here)

Costs: € 20 / AUD 33

Recordings will be available for the entire holiday season!

Registrations now open! Click here