The AusDancersOverseas magazine is filled to the brim with insights and experiences from dancers for dancers, some of them still pursuing an active career, whilst others have turned to dance medicine or related professions, sports nutrition, psychology, coaching, or teaching.

The first issue covers

  • Auditions: from a dancer’s perspective, from a teacher’s/choreographer’s perspective, from a former dancer’s perspective, from a coach’s perspective, plus some additional material about weird situations in auditions that you have experienced, and some administrative procedures for those dancing in Germany.
  • Defining success in the dance world: Thoughts and ideas
  • Contemporary dance: No longer a 2nd tier career?
  • Russia + Ukraine: Still very few dancers make it into companies in these countries. Read from those who did, and learn all about their experiences.
  • Body Image: Which factors can contribute to the development of a negative body image?
  • Master’s degree in dance: Go for it or not?
  • What to do when you (need to) retire? Read about two inspirational dancers who retired from the stage but still work in the dance industry.
  • Miscellaneous: projects and ideas you should keep an eye on

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